Why Choose a Midwife?

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Midwifery is based on a strong belief in partnership with childbearing women and respect for birth as a normal life event.

Midwives strive to empower parents with knowledge and support their right to create the birth experience which is best for them. Midwives respect intimacy, privacy, and family integrity, and draw on their own patience and understanding to provide care during pregnancy and birth


Birth is a natural, safe, and normal life event.

Midwives consider birth a natural event in women’s lives. Midwifery is based on the belief that childbirth is (and should be), a natural, healthy process and that most women are fully capable of giving birth. Midwives see pregnancy as part of the full spectrum of life’s experiences, and they believe women have the right to a fulfilling, as well as a safe, childbirth experience.


Midwives improve the outcome of labor and birth.

National research shows that midwives achieve the same outcomes as physicians without disrupting the natural birth process as often. Research also shows that midwives have reduced cesarean section rates by more than 50% with no compromise in safety. In fact, care from midwives has significantly lower rates of induced labor, episiotomies, and forcep births. Midwives are most actively involved in a woman’s preparation for childbirth. That kind of support reduces the length of labor, avoids unnecessary interventions and improves birth outcomes. Midwifery care is proven to be safe!


Midwives take time to offer care.

Midwives recognize that clients are individuals and because of their personal, cultural, and religious beliefs, every birth experience is different. Midwifery care is ongoing and involves education, health promotion, social support, and clinical assessment. Midwifery encourages mind-body connections, recognizing the spiritual and emotional aspects of birth, allowing women to birth with strength and dignity.

Midwives encourage women and their families to make informed choices, creating an atmosphere in which they can celebrate the miracle of birth, wherever they choose to be. Midwifery is personalized care!


Midwifery care is more cost effective.

As the cost of health care continues to spiral out of control throughout the health care industry, many parents choose natural birth as a cost effective option. Using a midwife not only lowers the chance of birth complications, but it has also been proven to cut medical expenses as well. A 2013 study from the University of Sydney showed moms who saw a midwife throughout their pregnancy were less likely to have expensive and often unnecessary medical interventions.

Much of the above information is taken from the Midwife Association of Washington State website.

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