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Who we are

Journey Birth Center Conroe joyfully offers birthing center births to support greater Houston area families. 

Located in the heart of old downtown Conroe, Texas our beautiful office and birthing center make all families feel welcome and comfortable as you bring your sweet little one into the world.  Journey started as a home birth practice in 2017, and has grown into two indepentent birth centers (one in Conroe, TX and one in Humble, TX), allowing us to serve a broader range of birthing families. Midwives work together to support birthing women to feel empowered throughout their pregnancy and birth experience through individualized care, supporting women’s autonomy to make informed decisions specific to her own body, baby, and birth. 

They believe God designed childbirth to be a precious journey that forever changes you–and that the experience should be supported to protect not only the safety but also the intimacy and sacredness of the journey.  Our vision is to create a safe and comfortable woman-centered, family-centered environment of women serving women. 

Our all-female birth staff are passionate about safe and healthy natural birth; they are women and moms—just like those we serve!  They’ve walked the same journey you walk and care genuinely from a deep place of calling and passion. Since 2017, it has been our joy and blessing to serve birthing women in the greater Houston area.  Our mission is to support, educate, and empower growing Houston families throughout their pregnancy and birthing journey to be stronger, more informed, confident, and empowered.  We are excited to see how God continues to bless our mission to serve families!

Welcome to Journey Birth Center!

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